Your business has unique needs that are specific to your industry, so you want solutions that are customized to fit your needs.  You also want search consultants who are familiar with the unique dynamics that drive your particular industry.

EMCO Executives offer a broad range of solutions to serve a diverse set of functional specialisations.  Each functional practice area is structured in a manner best suited to serve the needs of a specific talent niche. Our practice areas comprise of Managing Partners, Search Consultants, experienced project professionals, and research staff who serve your organisational needs vertically and horizontally.

Depending on your unique requirements, our flexibility and adaptability allows us to cover virtually all disciplines within a company ensuring optimal market coverage for clients and candidates. We are well-positioned to help meet the needs of your business, with proven experience across a broad range of industries as well as experience that can give your business a valuable edge in a highly competitive talent market.

If you have further requirements in your recruitment process, speak to us today and we are eager to develop strong concepts to individually meet the requirements of your recruitment.