Apart from the top elite few, the many vital people throughout the organization play an equally critical role. After all, it is their talent and commitment that fuel a company’s long-term performance, innovation, and growth. Finding talent with impact is one of the most pressing recruitment issues facing businesses today.

We achieve this through our harnessed strength and reputation, which is built upon a shared vision and value statement to ensure delivery excellence, speed and ability to attract the very best fit globally. Leveraging on our service management centres globally our consultants are also able to offer a wider reach of talents.

We endower to become “trusted advisors” by building lasting relationships with our clients. Over time we acquire more knowledge and understanding of the company, their culture and talent requirements enabling us to be more effective and time efficient and work alongside to ensure sustainable business throughout.

By partnering with EMCO Executives, you will work with a dedicated and experienced recruitment consultant, who has access to the relevant talent networks and connections to provide the widest candidate reach possible. We’re committed to providing a value-added service – we aren’t just about filling roles. Our unrivalled comprehensive service includes:

  • Annual Salary Reviews
  • Assessment Centres
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Candidate Mapping
  • Campaign Management
  • Employer Branding

We have a strong appreciation of the trust our clients place in us, and we continually strive to enhance and protect their employer brands.